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Jan 21, 2009 at 08:41 AM

GR/IV flag for Limit Order


Hi all,

Has anyone experienced the following problem with Limit order items?

We are using SRM 5.5 and when users enter a limit order this gets posted into our ERP system 2005 ECC6 with the limit order line. No this is not an SRM related issue?

The limit order item has the GR/IV flag set and when we try and post an Invoice using MIRO in ERP MIRO blocks the invoice posting because there is no GR. This is the correct operation.

We now post a GR for the item, (MIGO), and then MIRO allows an invoice to be posted for the item and matches it to the GR. Also correct.

Problem now comes when we try to post a subsequent invoice for the Item.

MIRO allows the invoice to be posted without any matching GR and the invoice blocks because there is no GR.

This appears to be an incorrect process as the status of the GR/IV flag is being ignored and appears to only be having an effect for the first invoice and not subsequent ones.

The Problem gets worse because if we now post a GR for the invoice we have just entered, the invoice will not automatically unblock when the MRBR transaction runs, (we run this as a scheduled job every night) so the vendor does not receive payment.

To unblock the invoice the MRBR unblock has to be done manually which is not a sound business practice especially when you are handling thousands of invoices.

Anyone have a fix for this or any other suggestions on handling invoices on limit orders.

Thanks in advance

Allen Brooks


Sunderland City Council