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Technical Monitoring: Guided Procedure in alerts


We are trying to create guided procedures for system monitoring alerts. There are two options as i understand (for e.g for filesystem full) - (a) The FS alert in alert inbox (Technical Monitoring workcenter) will have suggestions on which guided procedures can be applied; (b) The other one is that i add the guided procedure URL in the custom description of the alert in the template. Then this is visible in the details section of the alert from where it can be executed.

Tried both but facing following issue -

1. Even though the FS alert is generated for managed system, the header of the GP page shows the 'Technical System ID for Solman itself'. We have tried using the T_SYSTEM parameter in the GP URL but didnt help

2. If the GP is accessed from alert and GP steps are marked performed and completed, the next time if we open the GP from FS alert of any other managed system, the steps are marked green (performed). Why is that so? Why doesnt it instantiate a new instance of the GP?

Please suggest.

[P.S: I will not be able to provide screenshots]

Referred to following links -

Document: How-to_Create_link_to_GP_from_Alert_IB_Sp08.pdf

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 09, 2017 at 05:00 PM

    Hi Mallik,
    I had the same problem. I noticed the HowTo is dedicated to Solution Manager 7.1 SP08. However I had SP12.

    To solve the problem, i did as specified in the guide, but I replaced the Z_EXECUTE_GP_FROM_ALERT parameters with the following parameters:

    • Name: APPLICATION_ID - Static Value: <blank> - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name: APPL_VERSION - Static Value: <blank> - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name: GUID - Static Value: <blank> - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name: IS_IN_CUSTOMER_NMS - Static Value: X - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name: RUN_STANDALONE - Static Value: X - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name: SYSPARAM_ID - Static Value: <blank> - Dynamic Value: <blank>
    • Name TITLE - Static Value: <blank> - Dynamic Value: <blank>

    When creating the custom alert description, I set the following static parameters when inserting URL:

    • APPLICATION_ID: <my_specific_gp_id>
    • APPL_VERSION: <version of the GP: nnnn>
    • TITLE: <Title of the guided procedure>

    Please note these parameters are useful for System Monitoring Guided Procedures.

    Hope that could help.

    Kind regards,


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