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Kapsel Logout after AD Password Change

Nov 08, 2016 at 01:52 PM


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We use the Kapsel Logon plugin to connect to our SMP server which is controlled by the user's Active Directory credentials. The issue we are seeing is that following an AD password change, the user authenticates to SMP (with their old password) but then the web service calls fail because they are expecting the new password. You would think that Logging out of SMP and then re-logging in with the new password would be the appropriate action, but the log out function fails as it is trying to authenticate back to SMP. Why does logging the user out need to authenticate? What is the suggested method to handle password changes and reauthenticating back to AD? Right now we are telling users to delete the app and reinstall.

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Which REST API you are calling for 'logout' option?




No custom code there, just calling the Kapsel deleteRegistration method: sap.Logon.core.deleteRegistration(win,fail)


Hi Nathan,

We are facing a similar issue. How did you manage a password change ?

Thanks in advance.


We resolved the issue just through training... we have the user's remove the app and re download after a password change. Certainly not ideal but we could not figure out a better solution.

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