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Jan 19, 2009 at 05:33 PM

Good Receipt with variable Cost?


Hi people, i need some help on the following issue. Thanks in advance! . The story goes like this, i have this Material X which is produced and procured by the company. The procured batches are entered to the system through the purchasing circuit ( PO , MIGO , etc ) . For the produced batches, i need to create a manual Good Receipt movement because the PP module is not implemented.

My idea was to give Material X a V (Moving average ) price control but on doing this i´ll have a problem whenever i want to created a Good Receipt for the produced batches because the system will automatically assume the V price on the material master ( which is logical) . The ideal functionality would be to have the posibility to change the input price on the time i create the Good Receipt. Is there any way to do this ? i mean , is there any way to create a Good Receipt movement where i can input a price different to the price being showed on the material master ? and then off course this Good Receipt with a different price would affect the Moving Average Price .

I´ve already considered the options of creating 2 different materials ( one with S price control , the other with V price control ) and also the application of split valuation but these two ways are not practical for other reasons, thats why i´m trying to figure out if there´s a way to customize this kind of GR . Thanks a lot for any info !