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Jan 19, 2009 at 12:33 PM

use of SQL CTBL tables in logic


In v4, the conso engine produced a side table all preceded with CTBL and this table contained each parent and all its ultimate children. By querying this table, you could get in scope in your query all the children of a specific parent. This technique was used very often in logic in the %SELECT% statements where you would do something like return all the ultimate children for your consolidation (or GROUPS) structure on which you need to perform additional logic steps after consolidation (for example to correct capital charges).

It is my understanding that these CTBL tables are no longer generated in v5 and hence v7.

Hence my question:

- is this true

- if so, what would be an alternative to using this technique you have experience with ?

Thank you for your help,

Edwin van Geel, SAP Netherlands