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Jan 19, 2009 at 10:28 AM

Quality inspection in Delivery,Customer Return and Customer info record


Quality inspection in Delivery and Customer return

Dear Friends,

Here is my Question

For Delivery inspection i am using inspection type 10 meaning when ever there is goods issue during delivery inspection lot is created ,RR and UD post stock to Unrestricted if pass and unblocked stock if fail or rework or change to another customer and COA is printed if UD is pas

is my understanding is correct

For Customer return i maitanin inspection type 06 , Meaning when ever there is customer return , GR is done in IM and inspection lot is created,RR and UD and post the stock to unrestricted and Blocked stock if fails

is my understading is correct in the above scenario

Also where this Customer info record is used and related with inspection

From my understanding Customer info record is used to link sales organization and customer to the material in Quality inspection

so that by means of the Quality inspection indicator in Custm info record can control the inspection lot creation before delivery or after delivery and what is customer indicator

Please can some give me a clear picture of the above , sorry to ask so many questions in one thread

Thanks & Regards