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Jan 19, 2009 at 09:26 AM

SAP Proxy runtime issue


Hello Friends,

We have the following sceanrio:


> XI -

> Proxy

<---- <------

The above is a synchronous scenario. So we are using a synchronous server proxy. The proxy of the relevant SI was generated successfully. When we try to test the generated SI from SPROXY, we are getting a dump and it is a "DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL ERROR" generated at method "SAVE_TRANSFORMATION" of class "CL_PROXY_STYLESHEET_UTILS". On debugging we see that the transformations created for converting the incoming payload data from XI which is in XML to the ABAP structure is getting saved to a db using a db UPDATE command. But since this is a sync communication, the same method is also executed for the transformation from ABAP to XML but this cannot get saved as this is in the same LUW and the lock created on the db entry is not released as no commit has been called as of now (the db uses the same key value to store the transformations and there is no key to identify whether it is Abap to xml or, xml to abap). We are facing this issue on version 7.00 patch 15 of SAP Basis layer. In case, anyone of you has faced a similar issue, kindly provide me pointers as how you could resolve teh same.