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Jan 19, 2009 at 08:39 AM

Backflushing backlogs-reg



Is there any way to find whether an production order is pending for any of its components backflushing (goods issue )?

why because our requirement is like this

1. for a BOM child part number we did not put backflush indicator in MRP2 for the last month ,w e have updated now only

2. Since we put today from now onwards for production order confirmation backflushing will be posted

3. but for the backflushing backlogs till yestarday what to be done ?

since we updated today is there any way that by running some programme system posts the backdated backlogs ?

i understand had we ticked goods movements -all components in OPK4 , system would have posted though backflush indicator is not there , is it correct?

if system can not post backlogs , how can we do it manually ,through MB1A only ?

then we need to give the order reference is it not ?

for this i need to know for which and all orders backflushing is pending ?

if i give some old order reference and do backflushing of this part manually , then will it be posted for back date of the order or current date only ?

other wise shall we create some dummy order and do thsi child parts backflushing ?

please provide your valuable inputs


madhu kiran.