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Jun 06, 2018 at 03:18 PM

C4C: Add a standard field to a standard Form by extending a BO

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I am trying to make a standard field available on a standard form but till now I couldn't figuring out the right way to do this.

Basically we want to add the field bellow to a Sales Quote Form.

Inspired by this post ( i tried to do the following:

1) Extend CustomerQuote BO and add a new field with a default value to see if it is displayed on the form

import AP.Common.GDT;
import AP.CRM.Global;

[Extension] businessobject AP.CRM.Global:CustomerQuote {
        // You must activate this business object before you can access the extension fields
        // or messages in script files, forms, and screens.
		element ExtBuyerRole : Text = "DEFAULT_ROLE";
   		node Item {
      		node ItemParty {

   		node Party {
   		node ItemProposal {

2) Activation of the Extended BO

4) Switch to admin mode on Sap Cloud App Studio

3) (Right click over BO) / Enhance Form and select the extended field to add

4) A new windows is openned -> Log in using Sap Cloud App Studio credentials

5) Select forms to add the extended field

6) Save changes

Finally, i tried to add the field using the Easy Form Editor and Adobe Livecycle, but the field is always empty. I was expecting to see the the default value printed on the form.

Can anyone explain me the right way to do this?