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Jan 19, 2009 at 02:37 AM

Query on smartform - RFQ



In RFQ smart forms ,

1. ph no and fax no of user is taken from user profile or HR master data ?

2. Both ph no and fax nos are joined i.e no space is coming (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx),but in user profile SU01D space is maintained.


Following logic is used to obatin the tel number and fax number:

User ID of the user is xxxxxx

From table USR21, the personnel number xxxxx, and address number xxxx is obtained.

Using this the tel number is obatined from table ADR2 and fax number is obtained from ADR3. The program gets the long numbers which include the country code + number. The fields are adr2-telnr_long and adr3-faxnr_long.These fields are maintained incorrectly. the fields that appear in User master is adr2-tel_number and adr3-fax_number which is stored correctly without country code.

Once the user master is corrected, the values will be correctly populated in the RFQ output.


Could you please some one advice on this,where form ph and fax no picked usually and how to given space for ph and fax no i.e (xx x xxxx xxxx) we need to change in script for this ?

Many Thanks