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Jan 16, 2009 at 05:00 PM

Problem with Property Tree Value Assignments - Recipe Management


Hello Gurus,

I see some Standard Property Trees in SAP Recipe Management provided by SAP in my 4.7 box. When I explode one of the Standard property tree I see properties like 'Density', 'Color'................. When I select one of the Property example 'Density' and go to 'Value Assignment' tab the page is absolutely blank.

Then I have to manually go to EHS IMG --Value Assignment to Tables and add the characteristic example 'value', 'temperature' against the property 'Density' and then when I go to Property Tree and value assignment tab, I can see the value, temperature, where I can manually enter the values.

The standard SAP Property trees are huge, if I start loading manually the tables with characteristics, it would be huge effort. I have not loaded the Recipe Management Add on 2.1 yet. Does loading the Recipe Management 2.1 add on take care of the above problem and load the tables with massive number of characteristics, or I have to programatically load the tables.

Kindly suggest me the solution.

Points would be provided for helpful answer.