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Jan 16, 2009 at 09:55 AM

ECC 6.0 SR3 IDES installation problem



We are installing ECC 6.0 SR3 IDES on Solaris 5.10 and Oracle 10g.

The disk space available for sapdata is 270 GB and the RAM of the server is 8 GB.

22 GB of SWAP we have maintained.

The server has 2 physical processors and each processor has 4 cores.

The server is UltraSPARC-T2+.

We are installing only ABAP stack which has 112 jobs for Import ABAP phase.

Initially we had maintained 5 parallel jobs for Import ABAP/R3load.

But then it was giving error for some of the pachkages like e.g.

(RTF) ########## WARNING ###########

Without ORDER BY PRIMARY KEY the exported data may be unusable for some databases

(DB) INFO: REPOSRC created #20090115221342

DbSl Trace: Error 18 in stmt_execute() from oci_execute_stmt(), orpc=0

DbSl Trace: ORA-18 occurred when executing SQL stmt (parse error offset=0)

(IMP) ERROR: DbSlExeModify/DbSlLobPutPiece failed

rc = 99, table "REPOSRC"

(SQL error 18)

error message returned by DbSl:

ORA-00018: maximum number of sessions exceeded

(DB) INFO: disconnected from DB

Hence first we reduced the no. of parallel jobs to 3, then 2 and then to 1.

With 3 and 2 also it was giving same error; but with 1 job it is proceeding but obviously very slow.

The import phase has 112 jobs to finish and this issue has been pending for more than 5 days now!

Suggest a solution ASAP.

Thanks & Regards,