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Jan 15, 2009 at 09:22 PM

Does SAP.Functions support unicode?



I have an ASP page using Server.CreateObject("SAP.Functions") to connect to SAP ecc 6.0. Does anyone know whether the wdtfuncs.ocx supports unicode? The result i got back from SAP shows English contents correctly but not Cyrillic character. Source code is something like this

Set oSAP = Server.CreateObject("SAP.Functions")

Set oConn = oSAP.Connection

oConn.User = sUID

oConn.Password = sPWD

oConn.Language = "EN"

oConn.Destination = sServer

oConn.Client = iClient

oConn.GroupName = sServer

oConn.MessageServer = sMessageServer

oConn.codepage = "4110"

oConn.Logon 0, True

Set oRFC = oSAP.Add(SAPFunctionModueName)

Set oParam = oRFC.Exports(ParameterName)

oParam.Value = ParameterValue

Set oOut = oRFC.Tables(SAPoutputTableName)


The SAP .net connector works well, but in this case i have to use the .ocx file trying to avoid rewriting existing application with .net.