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Jan 15, 2009 at 08:16 PM

Creating second InfoView entry point for SAP users in XI 3.1


Hi All,

I have BOE XI 3.1 up and running with the Business Objects Integration kit SAP Solutions kit I would like to create a second infoview entry point for SAP users on the same physical box (single server) as regular InfoView.

I am trying to mock this up and have detailed the following steps below. I suspect I am missing a few steps (for example, where do I specify the entry port?). I am sure step 2 is wrong, as I the desktoplaunch no longer exists in Xi 3.1

1. Copy the InfoView.war file to a new directory ( Program Files/Business Objects/ Business Objects Enterprise 12.0/java/applications/sap). I imagine I would need to rename the war file (say SAPInfoview.war)?

2. Create a xml file with the following logic (the part in bold I consider to be wrong...):

<Context docBase="Program Files\Business Objects\Business Objects Enterprise 12.0\java\applications\sap\SAPInfoview.war" path="/


crossContext="false" debug="0" reloadable="false"


3. Save the xml file (what name? does it matter) in Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\conf\Catalina\localhost

4. Restart Tomcat

5. Change the web.xml to make SAP security the default. But this should not be the regular infoview web.xml. I'm not sure where this would reside.



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