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Jan 15, 2009 at 04:06 PM

SLDAccess set to true, but not available with PI 7.10 SPS 7


Hi all,

strange things happened to me after SPS 7 installation on our PI 7.10 system. In a first check several problems (and bugs) I had were resolved with the implementation but then I found that anything is wrong with the access to the SLD.

When trying to open a for example communication channel the error attached appears: unable to find associated sld element for specified class.

SLD itself looks good so far.

When trying to open the cache status overview inside the integration builder an error occurs telling that the name of the central AE could not be determined:

Unable to determine the name of the central Adapter Engine from the System Landscape Directory at this time. Notifications to the central Adapter Engine are therefore listed using the technical name of the Adapter Engine. This is usually structured as follows: af.<SAP System ID>.<Name of application server>

Inside the SLD the CIM classes are available.

When then trying to repeat cache update for a selected instance the following error occurs: No SLD elements of type SAP_XIAdapterFramework found

Inside the SLD settings the parameters for UnicodeGatewayRegistrationId and NonUnicodeGatewayRegistrationId had been missing after the SPS 7 implementation. I added them with SLD_UC and SLD_NUC again manually so rz70 works fine now.

The transaction sldcheck was red. The reason was that the user had not the needed permissions to access the SLD (but it worked fine with SPS 6).

But this did not wolve the problem for message processing and inside the IB.

When trying to process a message the following error comes up: SLDAccess set to true, but not available.

So quite strange but everything I checked did not give me a hint of what is wrong.

Roles are new generated.

Users are not locked.

System restarted several times after changes.


Anybody with a similar problem so far or any kind of an idea?

BR Markus