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Jan 15, 2009 at 06:46 AM

string operation


Hi All,

I have a character variable whose length is more than 72 characters.

I need to fill one internal table with that character variable but each line of the internal table will contain only 72 characters and the next 72 characters(if any ) will go to the next line and similarly for all the lines in the internal table.

What is the best possible logic to implement this???

i did something like this,


lwa_text TYPE zz_odb_text,

li_text TYPE zi_odb_text,

DO lh_var TIMES.

lwa_text = lh_text + lt_count ( 72 ).

APPEND lwa_text TO li_text.

CLEAR lwa_text.

lt_count = lt_count + 73.


but this is not working.......

Thanks in advance,