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Jan 14, 2009 at 05:01 PM

IDOC TO JDBC with many store procedures


Hi all,

I'm developing an IDOC to JDBC interface that should update 3 different store procedures with the same idoc.

In the data type of the JDBC I wrote 3 different actions, one for each table of the store, but the following message appears :

Attribute "name" of element "/schema/complexType("RQ_VMI004PI_2JDBC_DT")/sequence/element("STATEMENT")/complexType/sequence/element("ROWS")/complexType/attribute("action")" has the value "action" that has been already used in element "/schema/complexType("RQ_VMI004PI_2JDBC_DT")/sequence/element("STATEMENT")/complexType/sequence/element("ROWS")/complexType". Ensure that all attributes and elements of each element have unique names when using the data type (enhancement) editor

Is possible to update 3 different tables using store procedures with the same data type or i have to create 3 different data types? Any idea?