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Jan 14, 2009 at 09:33 AM

BSP: clear URL parameter



in my BSP application I want to give a value from one controller to the following one. To do so, I set a parameter to the navigation object, and read it in the subsequent controller.

* Controller A, do_handle_event
navigation->set_parameter( name = 'key' value = model->guid ).
navigation->next_page( co_exit_show ).
* Controller B, do_request
guid = request->get_form_field( 'key' ).

This part works fine. The problem is that the parameter once set to the navigation object in controller A will be part of all subsequent requests to controller B. So, how do I get rid of the parameter, so that it is only part of the first request to controller B, similar to Java's request.setParameter()?

Thanks in advance,