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Jan 14, 2009 at 08:06 AM

Conditions in Purchase Order - No scroll bar/Sales Tax value not in mmr



I am stuck in a weird problem where I have created a Condition Calculation Schema, assigned it to Schema group and assigned that schema to vendor, but when i open my condition in the PO, it does not give me scroll bar i.e. I have calculation Schema with around 10+ conditions, but when I try to put all the conditions in PO at one time, the scroll bar doesnot come up and without it, I cannot view all my conditions in the PO. Its saving the conditions though as seen in report, but cannot display it in PO without the scroll bar. Any ideas?

Another assignment is that sales tax value and % should not increase the mmr value at time of GR, but when I do GR its adding the sales tax value to mmr value, my requirement is just Gross price be added to mmr, not sales tax value/%. I tried the Statistical checks in Calculation Schema, but to no vail, at GR the sales tax value is being added to the mmr record. Any ideas?

Lots of points awarded for answer/answers.

Any clue will help

Thank you/Afshad

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