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Jan 14, 2009 at 06:54 AM

House bank account determination error in interest rate instrument posting


Dear Gurus,

In IRI client pay each interest flow (1200 condition) from a different bank.This is because client do a payment as per the availability of the funds in his house banks. So every month I create a new payment detail with the payment date of the interest as the validity date with a different house bank and post each flow in TBB1 on the due date. This is working fine for the last but one payment. As usual I give a different house bank and date for the last interest payment which is due on the same day as final payment(1120 condition). When I try to post this flow I am getting error message only for flow type 1120 that "Account Determination: House Bank or House Bank account is not entered". Both the flows are due on same day but both have different flow types and bank. Is this a limitation or I need to do something?

Any help is appreciated.