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Jan 14, 2009 at 05:46 AM

Raw material sales


Hi All,

While doing the raw material sales whatever the Excise Duties paid to vendor, the same Excise Duties has to pass to the customer though the Price varies while selling.

For Ex: I procured the Raw material u201CXu201D of 100 kg at Rs. 20/-/kg

So the price is Rs.2000/-

I have paid the excise duties to the vendor Rs.20042=225 (10% of B.Ed, 2% E.Cess & 1% H E Cess).

When I am selling the same to my customer @ Rs.30/-kg

So the Price will be Rs. 3000/-

But Excise duties should be Rs.225/- not Rs.309/- (if itu2019s based on the price).

If I do the setting, as it should calculate (excise duty B.Ed) based on the Material assessable value then every time user need to change the Assessable value in J1ID.

I would like to avoid this (every time changing the Material assessable value in J1ID)

I am using TAXINN, so what are all the settings I need to do in my pricing procedure?

So that system should pick the Excise Duties automatically (but not based on the PR00).

Plz suggest me.

Thanx n Regards,