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Jan 13, 2009 at 09:21 PM

Must all servers of a multiple server BOE 3.1 cluster be on same segment ?


Need help please to resolve an issue.

We are planning to build a two physical server cluster for BOE XI 3.1. For fail-over, the servers will be on 2 different remote sites. For Load Balancing, will use BigIP.

We have been told that these two servers need to be on the same segment.

Need to justify and convince the network group to put them on the same VLAN which spans multiple sites.

We cannot find any documentation/installation guides which tells us that this is needed.

1) Can you plse point me some document that specifies that the servers on the same cluster must be on the same LAN segment ?

2) As we are implementing a two server cluster for Test environment and another two server cluster for the Prod environment, can all 4 servers be on the same segment/VLAN ? We only have one VLAN spanning across multiple sites. Required that one server of the two server cluster be remote from the other.

3) We are planning to use a Load Balancer (BigIP) for the web front end to round-robin any requests to InfoView, etc. This will be implemented for Test and Prod environments.

Thanks in advance for your help.