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Jan 13, 2009 at 08:04 PM

Specifying Server Group


Working in BOXI R2, Java-based on Windows

We have a set-up with 8 Report Servers. Seven of them have a 10MB limit set on them. The eighth is specifically for large reports, and has a 250MB limit. We created a server group specifically to target that eighth server, called Large WebI Reports. So far, I am not liking server groups.

Scheduling against a server group is easy. Users can set that easily enough, and all runs as it should.

However, if a user has to open the report in Document Viewer, it runs against a Report Server again. This is random, unless a switch is set in the object properties in the CMC. Note, this is not something users have access to. So, when a user has a large report, they have to contact me (as the administrator) to toggle the object to only run against the Large WebI Reports server. Annoying, but at least it works.

Well, we thought it did. Now, it turns out that if you open a specific instance from the History of a document, it doesn't pay attention to the object properties. And, I cannot find any properties anywhere that will tell the instance to only use the Large WebI Reports server. So, the user basically has to keep opening the report in Document Viewer over and over, hoping for that 1-in-8 chance of hitting the right server.

This is extremely annoying as most of these reports are the specific ones that need to be downloaded into CSV format. Simply scheduling them out to Excel is not an option, due to the limits on the size of Excel worksheets.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to better manage assigning these large reports to the appropriate server? Or, at least, some way to point all the instances of a document to the right server group?