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Jan 13, 2009 at 02:59 PM

Unit Coversion



We have an issue with our delivery performance cube. We are doing some calculations using sales order and delivery quantities however there is a mismatch in the units as sales quanties may come in KG while delivery quantity for same document may come in CARTONS.

Creating new Characteristics to hold the units seperatly is not an option as the overhead in terms of number of objects that will need to be changed / reloaded (i.e. DSO's, Cubes, Queries etc) is enormous.

I think it is possible to do a unit conversion in some of the routines to get around this problem and reduce the amount of change / reloading. For example:

For each Delivery doc.

Check unit in the corresponding Sales doc.

IF different from unit in Delivery doc. THEN

CONVERT quantity into Sales doc. unit (using conversion factor)

CONVERT unit to Sales doc. unit


So for a sales doc / item combination if the Sales Quantity is 100 kg and Delivery Quantity is 1 Carton (bearing in mind that the delivery may not yet be complete), how do I convert the delivery quantity to kg. Is there a field where I can get this information from.