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Fiori Launchpad displays in mobile view on dekstop browser

Nov 08, 2016 at 09:49 AM


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Dear Experts,

For some reason in my Google Chrome the Fiori Launchpad is displayed on mobile view, and I cannot find the reason why.

Does anyone experienced something similar?



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Dávid Tóth Nov 18, 2016 at 04:48 PM

I guess the answer will be that it's a touch screen notebook. I think I have to accept that it will work like this in ~1.28 version. Above 1.30 it works fine. Thanks for the tips Jeremy!

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Sorry I couldn't help isolate the problem more clearly - I also have a touchscreen laptop Thinkpad T560, but don't see the same issue. I would suggest logging a ticket, but would fear that since it is quite isolated and related to the older UI5 version that it would not get much attention, especially if reproducing the situation is somewhat difficult.

Jeremy Good
Nov 08, 2016 at 01:44 PM

I haven't seen or heard mention about this issue before, but would be curious to know what system you are accessing, the versions, and if the issue is FLP only, or all apps are also acting like this (any master/detail app would typically hide the list when details are displayed).

A good test system would be the environment, where you can demo several apps and then create your own HCP tenant, and get access to the FCC statistics where it will show you some device/browser detected visits to the site.

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I've tried many FLPs on this computer, only 2 of them are shown in mobile mode (version: 1.28.1 (built at 20150302-2007, last change) the other one is 1.28.6 ). The master/detail apps are show in mobile mode as well. But I have another launchpad and apps which acts normally (1.34.1 (built at 20151207-1349, last change )).


Have you compared browser sniffer results? Does IE or Firefox behave differently than Chrome? Any specific URL parameters being provided, or code in the app to force this behavior?

Sorry to keep asking questions instead of offering an answer or a solution, but I'm not quite sure I can see the problem clearly enough to see the pattern between client browser and FLP instance.


Sorry for the late answer. It happens only i Chrome. No URL parameters are provided, and it's working fine on other computer. The apps are mainly standards so no code was written to force mobile view. Also works properly in IE or Firefox.

Jeremy Good
Nov 15, 2016 at 03:12 PM

So it seems isolated to your PC and your instance of Chrome? Perhaps consider updating the version in the About tab to the latest, clearing all the browser cache, and resetting to the defaults in the Advanced settings section.

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I did all of these. Nothing has helped.. :/


For some reason the device.system gets that it's a phone

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Vladimirs Semikins Nov 21, 2016 at 05:04 PM
Nowadays it is hard to determine user device (we can't simple take screen size), so if we compare CHANGELOG from UI5 version 1.28 to the 1.34 you can find that, SAP did a lot of improvements in this area - they have fixed and implemented new features for the control sap.ui.Device (see just few changes below, those are taken from
  • [FIX] sap.ui.Device: Media queries in device API made independent from current media
  • [FEATURE] sap.ui.Device: Detection for MS Edge implemented
  • [FIX] sap.ui.Device: OS detection - support for future Windows versions added
  • [FIX] Device-API: Correctly identify Windows 7 vs. 8
  • [FIX] sap.ui.Device: Webkit Version Check fixed for system detection
  • [FIX] sap.ui.core.Device: Webview in Android 5 tablet is wrongly detected as a phone
  • [FIX] sap.ui.Device: Adapt system detection for Windows 10

As mentioned before by Jeremy - please update your SAPUI5 version to fix it.

Hopefully it helps.

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