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Jan 12, 2009 at 06:14 PM

What does the InvntSttus field in the Sales Order Rows table mean?



I have a Sales Order with 8 lines in it. I was trying to bring the last line up in the Pick and Pack Manager to create a Pick List for it so we could ship it. For some reason though, it didn't show up (even though it is open in the SO and my criteria in the Pick and Pack Manager is set to show everything). I checked around and about the only thing I could find that was weird about it (this was done by comparing the line that wouldn't show up with one that had shipped from the same Sales Order) was that the line that wouldn't show up has a "C" in the Warehouse Status (InvntSttus) field. I noticed that all of the lines on that Sales Order that had already shipped had a "C" in this field as well.

We have since fixed the problem by deleting that row and creating a new one that looks exactly like it. I still want to try and figure out what happened here so that we can avoid it in the future. I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows what this field does and how it is governed, and also why this may have happened to this row.

Thanks in advance to whoever can shed some light on this,

Brent McDonell