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Former Member
Jan 12, 2009 at 01:14 PM

Change The Color Of Fomula Field Based On Results


I am using Crystal XI and I am familar with the Highliting Expert, but my question is can I have a formula field print red on the report based on a certain condition, blue on a different condition, etc. I am not sure how to code this if possible, so I will give an example:

If Sales ($100) - Cost ($50) = Profit ($50) then print field red

else if Sales ($80) - Cost ($40) = Profit ($40) then print field green

else print field blue.

I will need to add additional criteria to each IF statement which is why I am not using the Highliting Function, so my basic question is how to code the formula to have field field print different colors based on the field values.

Any help would be geatly appreciated.

Thanks Jim