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Jun 01, 2018 at 04:34 PM

Solman 72 Introscope Managed System Saprouter



I'm trying to configure the connection between the managed system introscope and the solution manager EMIntroscope 7.2. To do this I would like to use the two saprotuer on the Managed side and on the Solman side. I followed the procedure described on various sites / notes that says to insert the following line in the SMD configuration file:

introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.socketfactory.DEFAULT =

unfortunately, once the line has changed and after restart it seems that SMD does not recognize it, giving me this error:

[IntroscopeAgent.Isengard] Could not add EM DEFAULT because of invalid Connection Properties: Exception creating socket factory for 'client.socketfactory.DEFAULT.default' property:
[WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.Isengard] No valid Enterprise Manager locations were found in the property introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.connectionorder in IntroscopeAgent.profile. Using default settings.

Can u help me?