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May 31, 2018 at 05:33 AM

How to ignore ATP check while releasing a production order for some special cases


Hi Experts,

Let me describe the scenario below,

There’s an alternative group in a BOM with consumption strategy 2, and material A is priority 1, material B is priority 2.
Both A and B with enough stock quantity for an order, in a general case MRP will suggest a planned order by consuming material A at the first.
When a planner wants to create a production order from planned order and manually assigns B for the production order.
However, when the planner saves the order and releases it, due to ATP check, the system auto assigns A for the order, the manual assignment B has been replaced.

You might suggest us to directly switch the alternative group priority for A as 2 and B as 1,
but It’s because of inventory reduction issue of material B, and the planner hopes MRP not to trigger more purchase requisitions of B, the planner hopes to remain A as 1 and B as 2, so that B will be consumed to zero, and A will be kept purchasing in the future.

This scenario often happens in a circumstance that we want to switch our material resource from B to A, A will be the primary material in the future, meanwhile we have to reduce all of the existed stock of B at the first, at the same time have to take care about enough stock of A includes new requirement of following orders.

Please kindly advise how to resolve it, thank you so much.