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May 30, 2018 at 10:25 PM

GR and GI same price


Hi gurus,

Our SAP customer buys or produces some specific material and then sell it to another customer. Due to some legal regulation our customer can't sell it for more money than they bought. The GI price have to be exactly the same as GR price and the balance on the accounts have to be 0.

As I know moving average price is not a solution because price on GI will be determine as an average price from receiving document.

Standard price is not a solution cause price is fixed.

What about MAP with batch ? Am i understand correctly that when i receive an 1 PC material01 with batch01 for 30EUR and then receive 1 PC material01 with batch02 for 25 EUR. Then if i want to sell material01 and batch01 the price will be 30EUR or 27,5EUR (average for material01) ?

To sum up. Is it possible to have same price for GR and GI using batch or smth else ? Or MAP is determine only on material number ?

Thx in advance for all answers.