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Jun 01, 2018 at 06:50 AM

ERMS Follow up steps after configuration


Hello All,
We have set up the ERMS and have almost completed the configuration to receive mails in agent inbox using Hybrid PUSH. CTI is able to route and the agent is able to accept the E-Mail conversation by confirming the account and contact. I have below questions in regards to ERMS flow.
1) Once account & contact is confirmed, we are not able to see e-mail content sent by the customer there. Do we have to configure anything for this? In the view or component?
2) An interaction record is not created at that point of time but only once we have created either the complaint or service request and saved it. If we create sales order, no interaction record is created at all. Is there something missing here? We had created a CREATEIR action in rule policy to create interaction record
3) When we go in the My Activities, we see that item is still open in the list and is not in completed status. Is there any configuration still to be done here?
4) Our Rule evaluates to false all the time when we see it in the ERMS log. Does it have to be evaluated to true. attaching one log for reference.


5) Even in the factbase if we see the recipient with ERMS address, the CMS (CISCO in our case) does not receive it. How do we validate where the issue could be? FB file available on request.
6) The TO Recipient in SOIN and also in the mail received in agent's inbox is missing. The internal recipient is populated with the EMRS ID though. Is that TO recipient required to be populated?


erms-log.txt (11.6 kB)