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Jan 08, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Check at the time of confirmation/cancellation/GR of production order.


Hello All

I want to have a check while confirming the operations, first I want to check for the sequence of confirmation, second I want check that if we are having four operations in our order & suppose all the four are confirmed in sequence but if the user now wants to cancel the first operation he need to cancel the following operations(optn no 2,3 &4) in accordance to the qty he/she wants to cancel the first operation.

Third check I want is that system shall give a warning message at the time of confirmation if the confirmed qty is exceeding the consumed qty of the raw materials as per the BOM, & system shall also give a warning message if the user wants to confirm a production order to which no components are issued yet.

Forth check I want is that system shall thriow a warning message if user tried to do a GR for a production order for which confirmation is not yet made or the GR qty is exceeding confirmed qty.

Looking forward to your valuable inputs.


J K Tharwani