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Jan 08, 2009 at 11:16 AM

How to output text symbols dynamiclly


Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding text-symbols. I implemented a form routine which should add error messages to an internal table. This internal table will be output at the end of my program using the "write" command.

The form-routine looks like the following:

form add_error_2_log using p_error_code.

data: lv_text(8) type c.

concatenate 'text-' p_error_code into lv_text.
gs_log-msgtx = lv_text.
append gs_log to gt_log.


If I output my table now using the "write" command I only get my text-symbol number as a result e.g. text-t48.

Is there any way how I can get the text of the text symbol for the output?

Thanks in advance and regards!