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May 31, 2018 at 06:59 AM

LUW logs in SM58 created even when the user is not active for days .


The issue has occurred in a C-Folder functionality , where we are getting more than 20,000 dumps a day from multiple user Ids. We have contacted the user to ask what actions are performed by them. None of them were using the system . Please find the ST22 dump details .

We are also having logs in SM58 . The status says "An exception has occurred "
when we tried to debug that log , the log vanishes from the queue . Is it a issue where the FM is over running by itself ??? What could be possible errors here? How can dumps and logs generate even when the user is not doing anything . Please note there is no background jobs here which can do so . Please help :(


r2ruu.png (69.1 kB)
k0ydw.png (8.2 kB)