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May 30, 2018 at 08:09 PM

0FC_BP_ITEM issue in reversal clearing document


Hi Experts,

In BW, I have implemented 0FC_BP_ITEMS data source.

I have a document (opbel) 000001864009 with amount 34.00 which gets cleared on 28.02.2018 and have Clearing document 005115187808.

The same clearing document 005115187808 gets reversed on 23.03.2018 with -34.00 amount with reverse document (STBLG) - 007004769150

In BW, i am storing open items in Open DSO (0FC_DS06) and Clear item in clear DSO(0FC_DS07).

In the clearing DSO, I am getting the document (opbel) 005115187808 with clear date as 23.03.2018 and value as -34.00 with AUGBL as 007004769150.

I have created a clear BEx report on clear date (AUGBL) and the document 005115187808 should come in BEx if i run the report till 01.03.2018 ( report on clear Date) with value 34.00 as the document was cleared till that time.

But it is not showing in the report as it doesn't fall within the given range.

Could you please suggest how would I get it in report?