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[BUG] Q&A+Activity stream: Own answer disappeared, related comment invisible, notification created

A few days ago I posted a comment or answer here (I cannot remember which one I chose).

What I do remember, is that the content was posted successfully (now I always use notepad and verify the post since the new site launched).

I received a notification, that the OP left a comment on my answer/comment:

The link does not lead to a comment, which I can see and my comment/answer is also gone!

I have not received any moderator messages, I have displayed the question in different browsers and I have no logical explanation for all this. If my comment went into moderation several days later - why? I don't remember using any 'forbidden' words, the content was with additional questions to the OP plus a few suggestions - it seemed completely benign to me.

If my content was removed for whatever reason - shouldn't I get some message about that? Otherwise how can I correct my misbehavior in the future? :)

From what I know, only moderators can delete other people's content, except a well - known bug, which does not apply in this case. Is there #yetanotherbug?

And on top of all this you get your activity stream spammed with content, which does not exist.

Is there a way with my user authorizations to track what really happened?

actvt-str.jpg (17.1 kB)
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3 Answers

  • Nov 08, 2016 at 06:37 AM

    I thought I have Alzheimer disease, but this makes me confirmed it is site and not me.

    I am also pretty certain that I had posted an answers successfully to this question which is not visible anymore. And as I am a moderator, I can usually see a label "deleted" since deletion itself is not a physical deletion, it is just hiding.

    I had already send a direct message to the OP, but he did not reply

    By the way, I saw your reply originally, but not now

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    • I am still wondering if some strange combination of conversion between comment/answer/comment, followed by deletion, could cause a similar effect. I think, in this case you lose the original reply hierarchy. If you follow the person, who makes such changes, you can see the conversion in the activity stream (no idea if it shows as a log for tag moderators).

      If you were following the question - can you check for such activity - XX converted a comment to...

      My other theory is, that it is somehow related to the bug with disappearing/duplicated comments, but I find it very unlikely.

  • Nov 08, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    It just happened again in this discussion:

    where these comments just disappeared.

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  • Nov 17, 2016 at 11:44 AM


    Thanks, I will ask IT to investigate.


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