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Jan 08, 2009 at 04:49 AM

Packing at delivery note & billing


Let me put my req:

I have created delivery, ( am using Packing process in delivery)

I have done packing ,its working fine.

When I take the output ( output type:LD00- delivery note) , main item & sub item ( packing item ) also appearing in delivery note.

am not sure, is it right practice to print packing item in delivery note?

( all this packing items can be printed on PL00- Packing list including Handling Unit Numbers)

I have created a sales order- vth FERT material .

created delivery wrt sales order-

When you select line item in delivery n click in Edit-pack, system will prompt with the screen which appears in upper section is for packing items & lower section is for fert materials.

Here we need to choose fert material & enter the qtty in "partialy qtty" filed (expected no.of units to be packed in packing material" & click on "per partial qtty" , so that system search for suitable packing material. then all the fert material will be packed into packing materials.

Once we clik on"F3/back" icon, we will observe that packing material will be displayed as subitem & fert will be in main item.

in picking tab:- we pick both the line items n press "PGI".

now delivery will be saved. To create billing VF01 - enter delivery doc no,

at the stage, system actually shouldnt copy the subitem(packing items ) into billing, where as in my case,system is copying packing items into billing.

I have nt changed either copy control from LF-F2 or TAL std settings in IMG.

Still system copying packing items into billing.

any inputs???