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Jan 07, 2009 at 08:51 PM

Publishing Crystal Reports XI file to BO server, getting database error


Before I get into this, please assume I know nothing about setting up anything on the BO server, since I really don't have a clue. Any advice will need to be given in very specific steps. Thanks

I have created a crystal report (CR XI) on my laptop that runs properly and returns results.

I believe that the data connection that I am using on the laptop was created by selecting Create New Connection and then choosing OLE DB (ADO). It has the following properties:


Database Type: OLE DB (ADO)

Provider: MSDAORA

Data Source: MWDEV

User ID: xxxx

Us DSN Default Properties : False

Locale Identifier: 1033

OLE DB Services: -5

Create New Connection> OLE DB (ADO)

However, when I run the report on our Enterprise Enterprise XI Release 2 server, I get the error "Failed to open the connection. <reportname> Database Vendor Code: 12154"

I'm assuming that there is something different between the data connection on the server and the one on my laptop. I have created an ODBC connection on the server with the same name "MWTEST" but it obviously isn't working.

I then attempted to create a Datasource on the server using the "Business View manager" tool, which I also named MWDEV and which has the following properties:

Datbase DLL: crdb_ado.dll

Data Source: MWDEV.WORLD

Locale Identifier: 1033

OLE DB Services: -5

Provider OraOLEDB.Oracle

Use DSN Default Properties: 0

I guess that, long story short, I'm looking for a way to create a dataconnection on the server that will match the one on my laptop.

If more information will help, please let me know.