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Jan 07, 2009 at 06:26 PM

qualified field merge



This is the scenario.

We have phones qualified table where we have phone type as Non qualifier which can have values Work or phone and we have phone number as qualifier.All records have Phone type=Work but only few records have Phone type =Work as well as Phone type=FAX (multivalued qualified).

now at the time of syndication client need output format as flat file and they dont need 2 records with different phone types.i.e when you syndicate qualified data it becomes cartesian product that is if record 1 has Phone type as Work and Fax ,2 records will be syndicated

Record 1, phone type=Work ,Phone number= xxx

Record 1 ,phone type=FAX,Phone Number=YYY.

but we want that it should only go as

Record 1 ,phone Type=Work,Phone Number=XXX,Phone Type=Fax,Phone Number=YYY

Is it possible?