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Jan 07, 2009 at 04:19 PM

Problem with named search on "no-qualfier field" of priceinfo table


Hello SRM-MDM Catalog Gurus,

we have a self service scenario (SRM standalone + MDM catalog) where requesters create shopping cart from an MDM catalog. We have a problem with named search filled in the parameter "namedsearch": the same named search correctly works via MDM data manager, but not via web interface (the filter on the standard table of the price contained in the named search is lost).

Some information about catalog data: every material (main table) has different prices according to the requester. I mean that for every record of the main table we have several record in the Infoprice table. Every requester has an own named search that allow him to display only materials sold in his region and only the specific price for the requester. The information about the region is stored at the main table level; the information about the specific price for a requester is stored at infoprice table level (for every requester we have a different key - different combination of the no qualifier fields - for the Price table).

We customized the SRM call structure filling the parameter "NamedSearch" with the name of the named search of the requester.

Our problem is the following: If we test the named search via MDM Data manager, the system correctly filter records according to the region and the price key saved as named search. If we call the catalog from SRM (using the same named search) the system doesn't diaplay the correct price: I mean that the requester correctly display all record of a specific region (the region specified in the named search) but the filter on the infoprice table is lost, so the user is able to display all price of a taterial (he should display only price information with a certain key saved in the named search).

Following information about our MDM patch level: Version 5.5 (SP6) 5.5. 63.57

If you need more information I can send you via email screen shot showing the problem

Thank you in advance