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Jan 07, 2009 at 11:39 AM

message can not currently be transferred to node SMTP due to communication


Hi to all

For config SCOT I am using these stepu2026..please take a looku2026.after following these I am getting error u2026..please guide me how trobuleshoot.

Useing transaction SCOT with dialog user in 100 client

2. From tope menu: View -> System Status

3. Double Click on SMTP

4. After getting window I am filling the description

5. Tick the "Node in use" box

6. Enter the hostname of the email exchange server (here I am mentioning Localhost) guide me what should I write.

7. Mail port will be 25

8. Click on the button next to Internet called "Set"

9. getting another window, in the "address area" box, enter *

10. Click the green check button to exit the second window

11. Click the green check button to exit the main window

12. From top menu: Settings -> Default Domain

13. in the small box that appears enter the domain name. I am definig job for process the mail, from top menu: View -> Jobs

15. From top menu: Job -> Create

16. Entering a name Z_test_smtp

17. Click on "INT" in the list then "Schedule job" button

18. Entering start date and time, then clicking on "Schedule Periodically" button

19. Entering 10 minutes.

20. the configuration is now complete. To test it, Useing SU01 I am assigning user id here Under address tabstrip

21. Useing transaction SO00

22. Putting Title test connection, and text in the body, then entering email address below another internal address , the recepient type would be "internet address"

All thing are ok job is completed after 10 min every time but not getting mail saying wait.

when i am checking through SBWP in out box it is showing some information there under RECIPIENT list tab

document sent

wait for communication service

message can not currently be transferred to node SMTP due to communication error

icm/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=80$$

ms/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=81$$

i am having rfc user with profile S_A.SCON, and that is service type user.

Now guide me what should I dou2026please

With Rehards