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Memory Leak in Crystal Reports 2008

Nov 08, 2016 at 06:00 AM


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We have developed one C# dll which is using Crystal Report 2008 libraries to generate the crystal reports.

This DLL is COM based and using it in C++ application. But while generating multiple reports [say 15 reports] and noticed that process is continuously increasing the memory usages.

Its leaking memory approx 4-5 MB after generating 15 reports.

We have used Close(), Dispose() and GC.Collect() methods as well to release the memory, but still having memory leak issue.

// Free report document object

if (repDoc != null)









I have verified this memory leak issue with CR2008 SP2, CR2008 SP3, CR2008 SP4 and CR2008 SP7 and found it is still exist.

I am developing application with visual studio 2008 and using .NET 3.5 framework.

Please help us to come out from this memory leak issue.

Thanks in Advance!

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2 Answers

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Don Williams
Aug 25, 2017 at 07:58 PM

Changed Tag to CR for VS.

You can get the .NET runtime for VS 2010 and above from here:

Just install CR for VS EXE on your DEV PC and VS should update the Assemblies to version 13. Do not install the MSI's on your DEV PC.

Why not use a Managed C# dll? It's basically the same thing and easier to code in.

Unless you can duplicate the issue in C# DEV may not do anything if it's still an issue in CR for VS.

What are you using to monitor the memory?

As a test try using No Printer in the report, Printer Drivers tend to leak a lot.


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Denis Konovalov
Aug 24, 2017 at 06:58 PM

CR2008 is several years old and is out of support.
Why aren't you using current version of the product ?

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