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May 31, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Plan with Customers having multiple Distribution channels in IBP

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Hello Experts,

In our current Solution for IBP we have S&OP and Demand licenses. We are doing Time series based planning. IBP 1805 is integrated with S/4 Hana 1709 for master and transaction data.

My query is regarding planning at different attribute levels. I am providing a brief explanation below:

  1. For the Customer master data in S/4 Hana, a Customer can belong to more than one Distribution Channel, say for example 01 and 02.
  2. I am using a copy of UNIPA (Demand and S&OP filter). In this standard configuration, the Customer MDT has the Key field Customer ID.
  3. While transferring the Customer Master data from S/4 Hana via CPI-DS, it does not allow to transfer multiple entries for the same Customer ID (for the Key field reason).
  4. So, if the Customer has 2 Distribution Channels (01,02), how should we handle that in IBP. I can make both Customer Id & Channel attributes as Key fields to enable the transfer, but then how can we capture the Actual Sales along with the Channel?
  5. When we upload the Actual Sales in IBP, the fields that are marked as Key fields are Product Id, Customer Id and Location Id. We can get the key figure date along with the Quantity in this process. But how can we achieve the planning for multiple Channels for the same Customer Id? Below is the snap of the ActualsQty Template for reference.


Lastly. can we achieve the above requirement with Time series planning of do we need Order series license to serve our purpose?