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May 30, 2018 at 11:07 PM

how to hide the SAP GUI while running a SAP GUI Script


Hi All,

I am using SAP GUI scripting (I can retrieve and set information from an into SAP) however, I need that all this activity happens with out the user seen it.

There reasons for this:

1.Our End users are not interested in see all the checks i am performing, they just want to see if they where successful or not.

I found searching in the internet that I can make the session an Icon while is running but that that is not what I want because:

1. The icon still can be seen by the user

2. If click the window will maximized showing all the process resulting in the same scenario

3. While in Icon mode, if a modal window is found in the process, will also raise the modal windows as visible. I know I can control this by pressing the ok button but I do not want that the window is shown at all.

I have read the documentation to use SAP GUI component but when I tried to use the system says could not create the object so here:

1. Is this possible using SAP GUi Component

2. If "yes" how, please explain

3. I have tried to look for the ".ocx, .exe and .dll " files needed so I can reference in the VBA editor with no success to make it work. Any help is appreciated it.