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Jan 06, 2009 at 03:40 PM

Data Views: Switching from IQ to Crystal: How to?


Hi everyone,

My company is looking to make the switch from IQ Report Writer 5 to Crystal Reports XI or 2008.

We have a couple questions though on how to make this switch easier.

I may need to talk to Business Objects support instead, but I thought I'd try here first.

Our data currently resides in a vision file format which is type of flat file.

Currently with the IQ Writer, we can establish IQ Views, which are essentially just predefined links between the different data tables. A user selects which view they will use for a report, then are able to pick and choose which columns to use from that view. A view may contain many tables, but when the report is generated, it will only access the tables necessary based on the columns selected.

Example: IQ View A constists of Tables A, B, and C. The view is defined as A.Column1 = B.Column1 and B.Column2 = C.Column2. If a user chooses columns from A and B, then the query only runs against tables A and B and doesn't have to process the data from C, which cuts down processing Cost.

Is there any way to create views like this in Crystal Reports XI? I know if we convert to SQL Server (which we have done for some users) we can create SQL Views, but the thing I noticed with SQL Views, was that it ran the query against Tables A, B, and C, even though C wasn't needed and it ended up returning duplicate rows. I could get around the duplicate info with a select distinct statement, but it still had to process the extra info, which increased the cost.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If it's a question for Business Objects Support, let me know.

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