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Jan 06, 2009 at 06:15 AM

Unable to save changes to Interactive form


Hi All

I am designing an Interactive form in the WD Java application. This form is in DC which belongs to TRACK1.

After making changes to the form I try to save the changes by clicking "Save All Metadata" but that has no effect. when i close the form and reopen it, the all changes made are gone.

From some threads i got that Interactive form should not be kept blank. But even after assigning all the attributes to Form I am unable to save the changes to PDF.

While as changes made to PDF in another DC belonging to TRACK2 are getting saved.

Does that mean the track in perticular has to be given some perticular authorization? or does that depend on authoriztions of userid which created the track?

Please help me in resolving this issue

Deepak Salokhe