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Jan 06, 2009 at 06:09 AM

User Login Sessions do not terminate..Please guide


Hello All,

Am working on portal server = EP7 SP9

In the Visual Administrator if you navigate to <SID> -> server instance -> Services -> Security Provider -> Login Sessions.

This page gives you a list of all open user sessions.

I have noticed the following:

1. The user sessions do not expire until 2 days.

Example: If user logins into portal, a new session is created and I will see the logon-id, session creation and expiry timestamp.

The concern is about Expiry Timestamp wherein the user sessions stays open till close to 28 hours.

Secondly, there are a number of login sessions with principal as 'Guest'.

This does cause performance issues in portal as the memory allocated for user sessions is being released in time for other new user sessions.


1. Is there a way to reduce the Expiry timestamp

2. We have not configured anonymous portal. So from where does user - Guest come from? Two things are running in my mind - either Guest is some service user or secondly some particular logon-id is not being caught.

3. If I manually terminate the user sessions(after learning that user is not working on portal anymore), till this cause issues.

4. During investigating the above I also noticed that one user login in portal at times creates 2-3 user sessions as 'Guest' which is shown in Login Sessions page.

Need your guidance on the above.

Awaiting Reply.