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Unable to move QI stock to Unrestricted, Inspection lot closed & UD done

Nov 08, 2016 at 02:08 AM


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GR posted 20,000 Qty against PO and Inspection lot created automatically. Now Inspection Lot is closed & Usage Decision done for 20,000 Qty and Qty to be posted is "Zero" but still 1000 Qty in QI stock and we do not have Inspection lot for this quantity. Current system status is "UD ICCO SPCO PRII STUP"

Kindly suggest a way to move stock from QI to Unrestricted when Inspection lot is closed and Usage decision done.


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when we track the Inspection Lot's log, there are 3 material documents had generated for Stock Posting. But one material document (1000 Qty) does not exist in the system.

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2 Answers

Arijit Banerjee Nov 08, 2016 at 09:29 AM


First of all you try using the SAP Note 48815 to put this stock to unrestricted use stock. Then you need to decide if this is a valid entry (as you just said that the stock of 1000 Qty is tagged to some other material document which is no more available in system) or not. If not, then you need to perform physical inventory adjustment and take the situation in control.



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Thanks Arijit.

We will try the above.


Hi Arijit,

SAP note 48815 will not help this situation as Inspection lot closed with missing 321 document.

As Physical inventory adjustment may lead auditing issue, please help me to understand how can resolve it.

Many Thanks,

Aranganathan Chandran

Arijit Banerjee Nov 18, 2016 at 12:49 PM

The SAP Note 48815 is meant for the purpose of settling such an inventory which is struck up in between. Unless you try the note, you will not be able to put the stock back to unrestricted use stock.

Note that, once you have pushed the material using the SAP note, you can't do anything. Once this extra material now pushed into inventory, you are required to take physical inventory steps to do stock balance in store. This is typically store guys do in a manufacturing plant. This is something additional steps you may need to perform later. The 1st step should work fine for you and your issue should be resolved.

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Thanks for your swift reply.

I've observed Point no.2 in SAP Note 48815: It is mentioned that “system searches for Inspection lots for which quantity posting can be made”. But we do not have any Inspection lot like this. Inspection lot is totally closed with missing 321 material document.

"The inspection stock in MM is smaller than in QM The system searches for inspection lots for which the quantity can be corrected. A corresponding selection window is displayed if several inspection lots are available for a material or batch."