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Jan 05, 2009 at 05:28 PM

UFL to convert numbers to Turkish words


Happy New Years to everyone and all that stuff.

I have had a look through a couple posts that refer to Turkish characters and a am hoping my idea of

creating a UFL that converts a number (passed in as a string) and then outputs the Turkish words for

the number, is possible or atleast on the right track.

This is my file


To get Eclipse to accept these characters I tried setting the encoding to UTF-8 but eclipse said

UTF-8 conflicts with the encoding defined in the content type (ISO-8859-1)
Do you with to set it anyways?

Which I did and it seemed to keep the correct format for all that characters

I then created my UFL to just take a str_Key which is the number and the resBundleName (Turkish)

and I output the correct string. Just for testing I only worked with single digit numbers.

I then made my UFL avaliable to all my reports and created a test report.

The only problem was when previewing the output, it was no longer the correct UTF-8 characters

but the incorrect ISO-8859-1 characters ( I assume its this encoding as I tested what happens if

I save my properties file in that encoding and they seem the same messed up characters)

I have tried setting the "Text file encoding" for the report (right click - properties) but that makes

no difference.

So my question is:

Is it possible to create a UFL that will convert a number to Turkish words?

If so, where am I going wrong, is there another encoding setting I need to set?

Will I have future problems when trying to export to PDF?

Does anyone else have another idea on how best to convert numbers to Turkish words

if using a UFL and resource bundle is not the best idea?

Sorry thats 4 questions not 1 but hey, its my first post of the new year 😊

Thanks all.