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May 29, 2018 at 04:51 AM

How to transfer configurable BOM from SAP ECC to GTS system on saving the delivery


Hello Experts,

We are working on BOM dependent License determination.

The functionality works for non-configurable BOM by implementing the method API_BOM_EXPLODE in BADI /SAPSLL/BOM_SD0B_R3 and calling SAP standard program for transferring BOM to GTS on saving the delivery.

However, the same does not work for configurable BOM. I understand multi level BOM transfer is supported in Preference processing but we do not work on PP as of now. Hence, would like to know what all parameters need to be considered with respect to the following for using the same method to transfer VC BOM as for non-VC BOM-

- Configuration ( if any)

- activating badis

- material master set up in ECC

- program for transferring VC BOM which does not use PP configuration.